An Authoritarian Mind

Joanna Joy
December 15, 2021

Authoritarian Mind

“Remember remember the fifth of November”; the words of Guy Fawkes that sparked a revolution against the very much authoritarian regime, famously known to be a suppressive environment where anything and everything is silenced.

There are over 21 authoritarian countries, including the one that many hold inside. The country being the victim, and depression being the oppressive, silencing, and ruthless leader. Within a victim, the atmosphere spells danger and happiness that somehow becomes gray.

Among the 7.9 billion inhabitants of this global community, 3.8% of the population lives and goes about their day nurturing a mini authoritarian government inside. Well, you could just stop it from existing right? No. Our bodies and minds go through revolutions in the form of changes and for some, it is very difficult to see the slow transition from democracy and control to a slowly authoritarian and depressive mind. It slips in almost unnoticed and grows until strong enough to make its presence known.

It goes to a point where it has established fear and demands submission and full control in turn for a few moments of peace. Revolting becomes a very difficult task because a few moments of pushing it aside can result in the build-up of stress and emotions that will eventually cause one to “burst”. In such a moment, emotions rush in all at once and send you into a frenzy.

Along with tight regulations and control, authoritarian regimes practice censorship. While this does encourage privacy, it also establishes an environment of seclusion. Depression itself follows a very similar method; however, information is not hidden from the victim, but from the people they love. For many victims, expression seems difficult and a cry for help seems like an action done in vain, however, these are what depression wants the victim to believe.

It forces one to act normal to a point where to everyone they know, they are always fine regardless of being a nervous broken-down wreck on the inside. Along with the mind, the nature of today’s society encourages one to hide their emotions and completely disregards the idea that it is fine to not be ok.

“The eyes are the window into the soul (Shakespeare), ” they say but, to someone with depression, this sometimes becomes difficult to believe because no matter what way they are assessed, they seem fine.

The very final characteristic is fear of punishment. This presents itself in the form of self-blame and depression trying to convince the victim that what they go through is fake. While the thought may seem real, it is a mask that depression has put over one. The struggles are real and certainly not something that should be ignored, especially if signs of suicidal thoughts begin to rise. Revolting may not be easy but it is certainly attainable. Freedom is just a help away.

Remember remember the day of splendor, when you’ll be free regardless the offender. There will come a day when your mind will be free, when my dear survivor, it will be your time to flee.

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